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1994-1998- AUGUSTANA UNIVERSITY, Sioux Falls, SD
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Nursing


2005- National Laser Institute. Certified Laser Nurse. Received specialized training in cosmetic procedures such as IPL photofacials, microdermabrasion, deep chemical peels, and various Class IV Medical Lasers.

2014- Eclipse Aesthetics micro-needling training workshop 

2014-2016- HEALTHY EGDE, Seattle, WA 2015-2016
Holistic Health Coach 


2014- 2016- IVNTP, Cedar Ridge 
IV Nutritional Therapy for Physicians
-Advanced Oncology IV Nutritional Therapy, Heavy Metal Burden Evaluation and Reduction: Detoxification IV Nutritional Therapies

-Anti- Aging IV Nutritional Therapy
-Athletic Performance IV Nutritional Therapies
-Addiction and Detoxification IV Nutritional Therapies

2015- DR. JEFF HARRIS, ND, Seattle, WA 
Neural Therapy Practitioner Certification for scar treatment, segmental therapy, trigger point injections.

2017- SOPMED Advanced Medical Ozone Training and Certification. Joint and Spine Injections, Major and Minor Auto-Hemmotherapy, topical and other applications. 

As a Registered Nurse and Life Empowerment Coach, Nicole has dedicated her life to expertise that center on helping people match their inner youth and beauty with their outward appearance and expression. Nicole has experience collaborating with first-rate Cosmetic and Naturopathic physicians around the country, and she is excited to offer services at Agape Salon and Spa in Sioux Falls, SD.

While skilled in a myriad of cosmetic techniques and procedures, Nicole focuses her passion for medical aesthetics on PRP procedures, as this is truly the body healing the itself;  promoting beauty from the inside out. PRP procedures also they have continuously proven to be the industry standard when it comes to rejuvenation and anti-aging procedures. 

SPECIALTIES‚Äč & Experience

Currently offering services at Agape Salon and Spa. Micro-Needling and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Rejuvenation Facial and Body Treatments. Nicole brought PRP Micro-Needling Facials to South Dakota in 2014, and had enjoyed providing this unique service since. 

2013-2017: The ReBalance Center Owner and Practitioner. Providing Nutritional IV Therapies for Chronic Illness and Wellness. Colon Hydrotherapy. PRP and Neural Therapy Injections. Eclipse Micro-Needling and PRP Facials. Health Coaching. Life Coaching. Other Detoxification and Rejuvenation Services and Products. 

2004-2012: LazaDerm SkinCare Center.  Aesthetic Nurse. Laser Procedure Nurse. Skin Care Consultant. 

1998-2005: Avera McKennan NICU Nurse. Bereavement Team. Transport Team. Home Care Nurse for Graduates. Staff Certified NICU-RN. STABLE Instructor.