Massage is more than stress relief, it is one of the most rejuvenating things you can do for your body. It is beneficial when used to aid recovery, prevent and eliminate injuries, boost your immune system, and even enhance metabolism and circulation! 

Our therapists believe that massage taps into your body's innate wisdom to heal itself, and our therapists work to listen to your body and encourage it to do so. At The ReBalance Center we customize your session to your meet your health goals and needs. Whether you need a full body massage, or the full session spent focused on a certain area, your therapist will adjust pressure and customize your session to accommodate your need. 

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Various modalities offered: 

•  Swedish

•  Deep Tissue

•  Prenatal

•  Hot Stone

•  Cupping Therapy

•  Lymphatic Drainage

•  Craniosacral

If requested Aromatherapy can be added to each massage technique

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