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Specific Lab testing is what most people hope for when issues in emotional, mental, and physical health appear. The ReBalance Center lab testing is as unique to each person as their presenting condition(s), concern(s), and healing goals. The lab work our providers offer may include, but is not limited to:

Toxicity Testing ( Chelation Challenge ). Dr. Data or QuickSilver Mercury Testing
Essential Nutrient Mineral Testing. Genova NutrEval

Alcat Testing for Allergies and Dietary recommendations

Specific Labs for Lyme Diagnostics and Monitoring- Western Blot and Igenix

Specific Labs for Gut Permeability. DRG or Dr. Data

Specific Labs for Candida. DRG 
Complete Metabolic functioning including Liver and Kidney Function. True Health Labs
Complete Blood Count  ( C.B.C.) with a Differential. True Health Labs

G6PD (to receive any oxidative therapies ie., High Dose Vitamin C and Hydrogen Peroxide). True Health Labs

Vitamin D Levels. True Health Labs or Alcat

Iron, Ferritin. True Health Labs

EBV. Local Labs

Immunoglobin Studies. Local Labs.

Tumor Markers and TK1 Enzymes. Local Labs

Neurotransmitter Testing. Labrix
Hormone Testing including Adrenal Function and Thyroid, Blood Sugar, and other metabolic markers are included. D.U.T.C.H.

*Additional tests may be requested by the medical director or ND consultant. Standard lab testing may be ordered through your current health care system for possible insurance coverage, or True Health Labs will submit to your insurance carrier; otherwise all specialty labs are not covered by, nor submitted to, insurance, medicare nor medicaid. 

This extensive Lab testing allows us to see what is really
going on. For example:

The Toxicity Challenge is a great place to start as toxins can be large contributors to many neurological challenges such as MS, Parkinson's, ADHD and other mental health troubles such as anxiety, depression and problems of addiction.

Most toxins including heavy metals, hide themselves in the tissues including brain and neurons, cell membranes and organs. In order to achieve a clear picture of the body’s toxic burden, we challenge the body to release them. This challenge is done by giving the body what would be required to remove the toxins, and THEN collecting the urine. The challenge dose of chelating agents a patient receives is well tolerated and the lab tests run are highly elaborate and informative in determining treatment plans. Toxic metals compete in the body heavily with essential minerals and cause a breakdown of physiological systems including endocrine, mental health, immune disorders and systemic issues. Their removal can greatly contribute to re-establishing health.  Nutrient elements including zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, and chromium are mandatory co-factors for several hundreds of essential enzymes and are also important for the regular functions of vitamins.  Deficiencies in minerals is especially important to discover as these may contribute to many, if not most, health problems.

Find out what's is causing a burden in YOUR body with our Chelating Agent Challenge

IF amalgam dental work is still present, DMPS cannot be given until removed. Ask
us about the dental practice we recommend if you'd like to discuss removing any 
metal dental work. 


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