61 year old female after 1 Cosmetic PRP/ozone treatment.  This photo is untouched and after 3 months

Nicole has completely focused her nursing career and passion for helping people match their inner beauty with their outward appearance on providing only natural healing modalities.  These cosmetic ozone and other natural cosmetic injection therapies are based on the amazing regenerative technique developed by Dr. Adriana Schwartz.  Only 1-4 treatments are needed with at least 1 month interval in between (Some bruising at injection sites may occur. Additional enhancement options will be discussed at your consultation based on your skin condition(s) and aesthetic goals).    




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*For a less expensive approach that works well for finer lines, mild discolorations (redness or pigment), and to stimulate collagen production, the MicroNeedling procedure, with or without PRP, is an excellent choice. There is minimal, if any, downtime after this therapy.  Nicole recommends treatments every 2-3 months depending on your specific goals and needs. See Microneedling and/ or Microneedling with PRP pages of this site for more information.



Blood is drawn from you, similar to having a lab test. Your blood is then placed into a centrifuge and spun at a fast
speed to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood, which yields the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). Next, PRP is
enhanced with nutrients and/or Ozone. It is then placed into specific areas of your face by a combination of injections, often along with a micro needling procedure. After the procedure, your skin will be younger, firmer and healthier day by day, as PRP activates your maximum anti-aging potential. Plan 90-120 minutes for treatment, more if more than one area to be treated during visit.

The prices for treatment vary depending on the area of treatment.  Please contact Nicole Muilenburg, RN for more information.

Not interested in the facials and experiencing Hair Loss? consider PRP enhanced with Nutrients and Ozone. 

​​PRP can be used to successfully for hair loss.  Treatments are recommended to be 1 time per month for 6 months.  

​​What makes PRP Facials with Nicole Muilenburg, RN unique?
Though Nicole has been a medical aesthetic RN in the Sioux Empire since 2004, what really sets her PRP Facials apart from the rest isn't just her expertise- it's that she combines the benefits of PRP with Ozone to activate the growth factors and stimulate additional release of oxygen to the skin. Yes, Ozone. Supercharged Oxygen is used to take your results to a whole new beautiful level. This ozone/PRP combination enhances the normal healing benefits and results of the treatment further. Nicole Muilenburg, RN is one of only a few providers in the United States experienced and qualified to offer PRP O3 Facial Rejuvenation Therapy. 

Cosmetic ozone, or O3, therapies utilize concentrated growth factors from your own blood to reverse the signs of aging without the side effects of artificial fillers or chemicals. Results begin showing within days. Within a few months, you'll see and feel noticeable improvements of texture and appearance of skin in treated area(s). Effects are often longer lasting, safer and more affordable than synthetic fillers and toxins. Ozone treatments are amazing for cellulite, fat lipolysis, fatigue... almost anything that ails you, and the Cosmetic benefits of Ozone are endless when combined with PRP: tissue repair, hair growth, cell growth and collagen production, just to name a few.  Topical application and injections with Nicole's unique procedures, generate tighter and firmer skin, erase wrinkles and fine lines, minimize pores, scars, and pigment to reveal a more radiant complexion and strengthened skin quality. Thus, giving you the result of a natural facelift, without the risk and complications of surgery. Be certain to ask about an Ozone Cream specifically made for you to further enhance your results at home!